Turret Defense: BTD Battles

We promise this is the best strategy tower defense game you ever played.

Your mission is to defense our cities and castles. Also, defending the city will critically help citizens in the city take back their lands and freedom from hostile enemy. Taking command of soldiers, towers and  tough heroes with special turrets, weapons and abilities to hold your defence against endless waves of hostile guys in intensive battles.

Key features:
  • Fighting along with 9 ¬†tough heroes and turret defense: Ghost, Quiet, and Iron Pool, Dollar Trum, Ronin, Terninator, Cool Snow, Red Skull, Kimm.
  • 27 intensive campaign maps with extremely fun of BTD Battles
  • Fighting with military heroes which is similar to the tower defense gameplay.
  • 30 types of cruel enemy units with modern equipment
  • 6 types of towers and turrets including Machine gun, Ice bunker, Flame squad, Sniper, Rocket turret, Telsa mech with 5 upgrading levels each tower to protect our castle.
  • Upgrading your towers to become successful army in the battles and combat.
  • Using special military items in the laboratory to defeat the the bad guys and cruel military.

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